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ENVIRONMENT: 10 brands we are sharing the sustainable love with this February

Desperate to make more ethical choices but not sure where to start? Concerned about sustainability? Confused by the endless racket of brands claiming to be environmentally-friendly?

Here at Ecopots, we understand that it is a minefield out there for the eco-conscious. It is difficult to know what claims to believe and trust, with so many misleading ads out there in the world.

Throughout the month of February, the team at Ecopots wanted to share with you 10 sustainable brands we can’t get enough of, in celebration of creative companies who are looking out for our planet. As global climate issues become increasingly troubling, it is more important than ever that we are making careful and considered choices wherever we can.

1. Circular&co.

Circular by name, circular by nature. These award-winners are famed for their travel cups, having created the world’s first reusable cup from recycled single-use paper ones. The appealing sleek design and simple push-lid mechanism allow one-handed opening, eliminating spillage and enabling the busy beverage-sipper to drink on the go.

Spare parts (seals, lids etc.) are available in case anything ever needs replacing, giving each single cup an even longer lifespan. At the end of their life - hopefully after 10 years use - cups can be returned and regenerated into another. The Circular&co philosophy empowers the consumer to take full control of their choices. If a brand or product isn’t “matching up to your circular checklist” - find an alternative product! Thank you, next!

2. White & Green

Bamboo is the speediest growing plant on Earth, requiring little water and taking in heaps of damaging CO2. 27,000 trees are being lopped down every day to make toilet paper for human behinds - if grown and processed ethically - bamboo could be the answer.

W&G paper is the eco-friendly alternative to this everyday essential you didn’t know you needed; delivered to your door in plastic-free packaging. The individually-wrapped monochrome rolls add a sophisticated element to any bathroom – honestly, these guys have even managed to make toilet paper look sexy. To top it all off, for every box sold, they give to, a non-profit providing clean drinking water and sanitation to communities in need. Right on!

3. Charlie Feist London

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Charlie Feist undoubtedly embody this proverb, happily transforming old post-consumer plastic bottles into shiny new suave backpacks and crossbody bags. Their range is providing the higher end of the market with a welcome sustainable alternative, whilst still staying affordable. Their chic products, some finished with fancy vegan leather trimmings and accents, certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a luxury designer store front. Be sure to check out their Instagram too; their often light-hearted posts do a grand job of sharing their mission and highlighting the perils of ‘fast fashion’, waste and pollution, in an easy-to-digest way.

4. Lefrik

Lefrik’s creations prove that being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be to the detriment of style or functionality. With their diverse line of travel bags and accessories, there is something for everyone, from the outdoorsy hiker to the urban commuter.

Quality, traceability and sustainability are the mottos of their model. The transient function we as a society have assigned plastic products (in comparison to the time they take to degrade) is proving hugely problematic. Refusing to use any virgin materials, every one of their products are made from 100% recycled polyester fabric sourced from PET plastic waste - an impressive and inspiring statistic. These guys are well on their way to achieving the completely circular economic model many are striving for, and are dedicated to continuing to learn and adapt their efforts for the betterment of their brand, people and planet.

Follow @Lefrik or visit

5. MUD Jeans

Trust us, MUD know a thing or two about circular economics. After witnessing first-hand the demands the fashion industry are putting on both workforces and our world’s resources - due to excessive production and ‘fast fashion’ - founder Bert van Son vowed to do something to about it. Their jeans are made from 40% recycled materials, plus organic cotton.

For the commitment-phobes amongst us, their innovative ‘Lease a Jeans’ scheme allows consumers to borrow jeans for a monthly subscription fee. After 12 months, you can either keep, exchange or return the pair. The cycle starts again, and jeans are upcycled into vintage garments, or re-enter the production cycle to be recycled into a new pair.

These incredible innovators are candid and transparent about their processes and ethos every step of the way, hopefully inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Follow @mudjeans or visit


Hailed as pioneers of sustainable fashion, this legendary brand are seriously committed to protecting our planet. Their garments are made from a variety of responsibly sourced and sustainable materials - from algae to recycled coffee grounds to discarded fishing nets and car tyres.

For five years, their very own non-profit the ECOALF Foundation has been embarking on an ambitious worldwide adventure removing marine debris from the ocean floors and educating local people as they go. Collaborating with over 3,000 fishermen from around the world, they have removed 600 tonnes of waste from our seas so far. Big kudos to ECOALF for doing their bit to turn the tide on the climate crisis.

Follow @ecoalf or visit


Born from the minds of two imaginative young students who found inspiration in a local scrapyard, here we have the brilliant AIRPAQ. The brand specialises in producing accessories such as bags, bow ties and caps, from upcycled car waste sourced from scrapyards across Germany, as well as production defects and factory waste. Think discarded airbags, seatbelts, and buckles; the function of these materials in their previous life was to be unparalleled in their durability, so rest assured, AIRPAQ’s creations are built to last. Not to mention, each piece exemplifies an undervalued charm and individuality that comes with the territory of being made from upcycled materials. Fantastic bit of reincarnation here boys (their pun, not ours regrettably).

8. Pierre

Founded mid-pandemic, one silver lining of recent global events is the birth of delightful fellow Belgian brand Pierre. Their simple minimalist yoga mats and blocks are made using beautiful Portuguese cork, or a clever combination of cork and recycled rubber (from shoe soles).

Natural Cork is something of a super-material – pliable, lightweight, immune to rot, fire and water resistant in its all-natural state, and resilient. Extracted every 10 years or so, the tree recovers and regenerates a new layer of bark, allowing the cycle to continue.

With every sale, Pierre have also pledged to support @cbd_habitat, a conservation foundation working to preserve the cork oak forest habitat of the native Iberian lynx populations of Spain and Portugal. A worthy cause.

9. Ecobirdy

Children’s toys have a notoriously short lifespan; kids get bored of things after five minutes, and discarded toys are rarely recycled, perhaps due to many of them being made up of a mess of mixed materials. Ecobirdy have found a solution. Their production system starts with the collection of used toys. Once sorted and cleaned, these once-loved hunks of plastic are given new life as a piece of stunning kid-sized design furniture. Comfortable, lightweight and easily cleaned – perfect for your little darling.

Through modern technology, these guys have invented their very own high-grade raw material - ecothylene®. The source material is left visible in their designs, so every piece bares a unique colourful speckled pattern.

Taking their social and environmental responsibility seriously, Ecobirdy also provide an accompanying storybook with each product, designed to introduce youngsters to the circular economy and inspire a new generation of little ecowarriors. Kids are the future after all.

Follow @ecobirdy or visit

10. Elliott footwear

Meet Elliott Footwear, a brand championing a minimalist approach to both style and impact on the planet (we’re right behind you Elliott!) Being climate positive means that these guys have gone above and beyond achieving carbon neutrality; every pair of their shoes purchased reverses the brand’s carbon footprint, by removing one whole tonne of CO2 emissions. This aesthetically-pleasing sneaker collection includes high-grade recycled canvas high-tops, and low vegan leather additions that are completely recyclable. Keep it up!

Lucky you. We have got one more bonus brand to shout about… Ecopots, of course! Because we think we deserve a pat on the back for our contribution to a more sustainable world too.

11. Ecopots

Our pots are made from 80% recycled plastics, one of the highest percentages in the market. Sure enough, our once glorious oceans are transforming into a giant plastic soup made up of discarded bags, fishing nets and PET bottles. We all share a responsibility to limit the amount of plastics being turned into waste in the first place, as well as finding and supporting creative solutions to reuse and recycle as much as we can.

Our philosophy prioritises crafting products that will stand the test of time, both physically, and design-wise. Minimalist and clean lines, natural colours, and with a lifespan of 10 years or more; Ecopots are built to last. The most durable products are those you don’t want to - or have to - replace every year.

Follow us @Ecopots or find our collection here

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