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ENVIRONMENT: 10 sustainable gift ideas for Christmas (and beyond!)

Christmas is nearly upon us. If like most of us mortals, you’re a little unorganised, the panic may be beginning to set in. The holidays have become synonymous with over-indulgence and unnecessary waste - consumerism for consumerism’s sake. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’ve concocted a short but sweet list of sustainable gift ideas - here are 10 hand-picked products, created by companies who are doing their bit to innovate responsibly. So, whoever you’re buying gifts for this year, take some inspiration for our list!

1. For the caffeine-head: Cappucino Cup + Saucer by Kaffeeform

How about a marvelous mottled matching cup and saucer set, crafted from the very thing they are designed to hold? That’s right - coffee! These delightful and durable drinking vessels are made out of Kaffeform’s signature material, which utilises recycled coffee grounds from Berlin’s famous coffee scene. The cup’s iconic but simple design and neutral earthy tones sit well in a minimalist home.

2. For the home bird: The Original Blanket by Seljak

Sustainably savvy Seljak have considered their environmental impact at every stage of the production of their beautiful blankets. Available in the classic original grey or in a variety of deep rich colours, such as pinot and pine, these luxurious creations are made mainly from recycled wool (a mix of factory floor offcuts, deadstock yarn, and post-consumer textiles waste). Buyers are given the option to choose between products made in Australia or Lithuania, to help alleviate concerns over airmiles - good thinking! Plus, after your blanket has enjoyed a lengthy and adventurous life, Seljak ask that it be returned to them via their carbon neutral courier service, to be shredded and spun into a new blanket - now that is a truly circular model!.

3. For the creative: Artisan Canvas Apron by Nkuku

The perfect present for the avid artists, chefs or gardeners amongst us. The fabric of this apron is made from recycled canvas tents, dipped and dyed to achieve that lovely, faded finish. Nkuku specialises in handmade authentic pieces, sustainably made using natural, or reclaimed materials. Each individual item is slightly different, oozing in character, and reflecting the personality of the talented artisan that has handcrafted it using traditional techniques. Ethical working conditions and a fair living wage are paramount priorities for this brand too - keep it up!

4. For the interior whiz: Anna Ceramic Vase by Oohh Collection

Sustainably made using solar power and recycled water in its production, this timeless and unique ceramic vase is guaranteed to excite fans of both sustainability and modern Scandi design (guilty!). The quirky asymmetric shape demonstrates excellent craftsmanship; clean lines and neutral colours ensure this piece will look at home in any contemporary interior. Pair with dried wildflowers or grasses; a thoughtful alternative to the usual short-lived bouquet of fresh ones!

5. For the fragrance fan: Soy Wax Candle by wxy.

Vegan, and free from parabens and palm oil nasties - you’ll have a clean conscience when lighting up a wxy candle. These custom concrete matte vessels scream style and have been designed to look stunning in any room. Coconut nectar, Fennel and Patchouli, Rhubarb and Anise - these are just some of the delectable scents available - they honestly smell good enough to eat.

6. For the sophisticated plant parent: Ecopots Monaco by Ecopots

An Ecopot is for life, not just for Christmas – honestly, they’re built to last a really really long time (10 years or more!). This impressive pot will effortlessly become the focal point in any room or hallway he finds himself in – long-lasting with a stainless-steel frame and semi sphere-shaped pot made from recycled materials. Adhering to Scandinavian design philosophy, the Monaco’s minimalist design allows you to show off your greenery, in a classy and uncluttered manner. Looking for a something a little smaller? Scroll through our Christmas wish list to see what else we have in store.

7. For the secret Santa: Casual Socks by A-dam

Occasionally you find yourself buying for somebody you don’t know well at all. Stuck on ideas for a secret Santa gift for that co-worker you’ve only spoken to a handful of times? You can’t go wrong with socks. It’s the classic gift that we found boring as kids, but we’re always secretly delighted to receive as adults. And these fun feet-warmers have the added benefit of being created using organic cotton, and recycled nylon recovered from abandoned fishing nets and landfill waste – pretty cool if you ask me. Available in plain or featuring tiny, embroidered motifs for a little extra personality.

8. For the pragmatic gardener: Eco Coir Compost by For Peat’s Sake

Paired with a dashing houseplant, seed kit or pot, For Peat’s Sake’s Eco compost makes a great stocking filler. These magic little blocks of coir compost are made using sustainably grown coconut waste. A practical and useful gift for plant parents or those aspiring to grow their own veggies in the new year, and all wrapped up in this charming compact biodegradable packaging. What’s not to love?

9. For the furry family member: Recycled Soft Parrot by Beco Pets

Your pets deserve a cute sustainable gift this Christmas too! Both the cloth and the stuffing in these adorable animal-shaped soft toys for dogs are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles - providing a great alternative to the flimsy poorly-designed rubbish you’ll find in most pet stores! Beco have also created a line of natural rubber hard toys to cater for more destructive chewers, plus a range of environmentally-conscious accessories for cats too.

10 For the always-on-the-go one: Vleather Lunch Bag by Tabitha Eve

This mature lunch bag would make a great gift for the eco-conscious university student or the busy professional that is always eating on the go. Made from a combination of wood pulp, cotton and synthetic latex, this genius material offers a brilliant cruelty-free alternative to regular leather. It’s practical too, as it can be washed with your regular laundry load and actually becomes softer and more pliable as time goes on! We obviously adore the handsome understated aesthetic and use of neutral hues too – design that is right up our street!


So, what are you waiting for? Get buying!

We hope you enjoyed our list! If you’re ahead of the game and have already bought all your gifts for this year, save this blog for future occasions - birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs - you never know when you’ll be stuck for an idea.

Say no to careless consumerism. And have a brilliant Christmas!

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