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About Ecopots

Here at Ecopots, we go further than simply designing flowerpots and planters. We create a certain lifestyle. Each one of our products offers a combination of timeless aesthetics with innovative functionality, specially designed to transform your space into a green oasis of calm. With their sleek lines and minimalist charm, our pots are sure to turn heads. And that’s not all: they’re also the epitome of sustainability, made from high-quality, recycled composite.


Based on pure architecture


Our pots' slender, elegant rim, symbolised by the ‘O’ in Ecopots, is more than just a design statement. It’s proof of our attention to quality and detail. This unique feature is based on pure architecture, contributing to the aesthetics and functionality of our products. That’s what makes Ecopots unique.


Smart features


At Ecopots, we truly understand that beauty is more than just skin deep. It’s about how things work as well. So, besides looking incredible, our creations designed in Belgium are equipped with smart features like an advanced watering system or a saucer on wheels, making life easier for you and improving your plants’ wellbeing. Ecopots give everyone the chance to discover their green fingers inside their homes and gardens.


Sustainable through and through


Our dedication to sustainability is no mere trend. It’s part of who we are, as well as our promise for the future. We have chosen a production process that respects the environment, supported by our BSCI certification in ensuring our commitment to socially responsible production practices.

What's more, our FSC-certified packaging helps keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.


Not just a flowerpot


The Ecopots brand stands for more than just flowerpots and planters. It’s about being open to a more conscientious way of life, about choosing a product made with care and attention to detail, one which will stand the test of time and contribute towards a greener, more harmonious world.


So choose Ecopots, a brand where design, sustainability and functionality all work together to enrich your living space with beautiful greenery. Ecopots is not just a flowerpot. It’s a statement of who you are and what you stand for.

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