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About Ecopots

When we designed Ecopots more than ten years ago, no one had heard about the ‘plastic soup’. No one was thinking about using recycled materials for their flower pots and planters. But we did. We saw the need and potential to use recycled materials for our products and continue to do so today. But that's only half the story. Design and functionality are equally important to us. Combine the three and you have what makes Ecopots truly unique.

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Our brand

In our philosophy, durability is more than reusing or recycling materials. It’s also about designing and producing products that last. So Ecopots are not only sturdy, frost resistant and break proof, but are also timeless in their design and use of colours. Beautiful today, tomorrow and in ten years time. Because we believe the most durable products are those products you don’t want – or have - to replace every year.

Our design philosophy

Do you have a question about Ecopots?

Ecopots follows the Scandinavian design philosophy. In short, this philosophy is about creating a calm and clutter free home as a counter balance to hectic and stressful daily lives. It is being characterized by clean and simple lines, minimalism and the use of natural colours and materials. 

Feel free to get in touch, we are happy to help. You may also want to check out our frequently asked questions section. 

design philosophy
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