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ECOPOTS Sofia Big Grey oval flower pot in a white minimalist interior.jpg

Colours and materials

Ecopots are for 80% made from recycled plastic. Unlike the more common fiberclay pots, plastic pots have the advantage of being shock and shatter proof, easy movable and outstanding resistant against UV light and frost. Besides this there is another strong argument for using recycled pots: our oceans slowly but surely are becoming a giant plastic soup of discarded plastic bags, fishnets and PET bottles. Ecopots uses recycled plastics as material for all our pots and together with materials like recycled natural stone it gives our pots unique looks and characteristics. 

Certified products

At Ecopots we only want to produce pots with a superior quality. For this we've partnered op with Centexbel, a university plastics laboratory, for the development of truly durable plastics. We've asked Bureau Veritas to test our products. Under the supervision of the Belgian Quality Association, all Ecopots are validated for recycled content and achieve the quality standards defined by PolyCert Europe. Every year, our certifications are evaluated and renewed in order to guarantee the best quality.

recycled content.jpg

Unique, handmade finish

All Ecopots have a unique handmade finish, which means that Each pot is different. Our composite formula of recycled plastics and natural minerals makes the pot not only strong and durable, but also very light. Ecopots are UV-resistant, shatterproof and resistant to temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They have a unique natural look and feel, which makes Ecopots the brand of choice for anyone looking for a combination of timeless design and sustainability.

Timeless and natural colours

At Ecopots, we develop products that are not bound by trends. Instead we follow the Scandinavian design philosophy. In short, this philosophy revolves around creating a calm, orderly environment to counterbalance our hectic, stressful lives. The philosophy is characterised by clean and simple lines, minimalism and the use of natural colours. Ecopots are available in 7 natural and timeless colours. Check our web shop to see which one is your favourite.

Ecopots Logo R.jpg


Dark Grey


White Grey

Saucer Wheels 50 Dark Grey.jpg
Ecopots Antwerp plant pot in a minimalist interior
Sofia Wall copy White grey.jpg
5413724325703_90 Morinda 14 Pure White.jpg
Brussels copy Terra.jpg
5413724313328_90 Sankara High 75 Taupe.jpg
Hanging Bruges-01 copy Blue Grey_edited.jpg


Pure White



Blue Grey

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