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Ecopotters ep 9: Karen, Dead Plant Club

Welcome back to the Ecopotter series. This time is the turn of Karen, founder of Dead Plant Club, a blog aiming to make plant care accessible for the masses. After struggling to find easy-to-follow and informative resources when she started out as a plant parent, she created Dead Plant Club to fill the gap and help other novices like herself.

Here at Ecopots, we know how important community is. Through the simple act of storytelling, we aim to create an online space where like-minded individuals can connect and inspire one another.

There are a million ways to live in a greener way, and this is just one story.


Thanks so much for being our Ecopotter this month Karen! Tell us a little about Dead Plant Club and how your plant-loving journey began.

I started Dead Plant Club as a place to document my houseplant journey, starting from when I was completely new to the houseplant world. I had wanted to incorporate houseplants into my home for the health benefits and style impact, but after a few half-hearted, failed attempts, I realised I needed to learn much, much more to be successful. I had trouble finding resources that were informative, easy-to-follow, stylish, and fun, so I created Dead Plant Club to fill that gap.

What do your aim to achieve through your community?

My goal is to help people grow their confidence as plant parents so they can enjoy the beauty and benefits of a plant-filled home.

How many plants do you now own and how do you find the time to take care of all of them?

I have 25 plants at the moment. I have a watering session at some point each weekend where I go around the house and water anything that needs to be watered, remove dead leaves, etc. Having a routine is key!

Any major plant mishaps recently that could serve as a helpful lesson for any new plant parents to hear?

I tend to stick with plants that are low to medium difficulty. High-maintenance plants aren't a good match for me, at least for now, since they can be difficult to keep happy and therefore pretty stressful to own. My biggest advice for new plant parents is to start with a beginner plant - one that is easy to care for, is tolerant of inconsistent care, and does fine in low light. My favourite beginner plants are snake plants, ZZ plants, and pothos. By starting with an ‘easy’ plant, you'll get into the habit of plant care and build your confidence as a plant parent. Once you have one plant mastered, add in another.

Which of your plants is your favourite at the moment?

My favourite is my fiddle leaf fig. It has grown a lot over the past few years and is now much taller than me. Its large presence in my house makes me happy. Just look at him!

Are there any cool companies for plant lovers you have discovered that you would like to give a shout out to?

My favourite online plant shop in the U.S. is @Bloomscape. I've visited their greenhouses and met the founders, and they are a lovely company with knowledgeable people and great quality plants. I've never been disappointed with a plant I've gotten from them. (I have 8 and none have died… yet!)

Another is @Hemleva, which is a small, female-owned business that makes plant-themed accessories like pins and keychains. Hemleva products are a beautiful way to add plants into other areas of life.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your everyday life and plant care?

My biggest priority around sustainability is reducing the amount of things I buy. I'm by no means a minimalist but being mindful about the types of products I buy and the quantity of things coming into my house, helps me lessen my impact.

Is there anything you have learnt about plants recently that has surprised you?

It's important to dust your plants! Removing dust from the leaves helps them better absorb sunlight, which leads to a healthier, happier plant.

Any big plans for Dead Plant Club in 2022?

Yes! I'm going to be launching my newsletter in late Spring. It's a short, straightforward resource that will arrive in your inbox once a month with tips, guidance, and motivation to fuel your plant journey. More info will be announced soon on Instagram @deadplantclub.


Lovely stuff! We love your desire to help others, and we can’t wait to see what you do next!

If you enjoyed this month’s feature, don’t forget to give @deadplantclub a follow on Instagram. Thanks for reading!


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