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Ecopots Dubai White Grey

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Product Details
Brand: Ecopots

About the Ecopots Dubai

Easy to move, easy to water and easy to make your own, beautiful plant arrangement; the Ecopots Dubai has been designed with ease of use in mind. The saucer not only makes it easy to move the plants around, it also contains a water reservoir to water all three plants at the same time. How? Simply pour water on the saucer and it will find its way to three water reservoirs under each pot. The special pots are designed to work through capillary action, so the plants take the amount of water they want, when they want. Do you still see water in de centre of the saucer? All is fine. If not, add some water and that’s it! The Ecopots Dubai can be used both indoor and outdoor. Like all Ecopots, they are made from high quality, certified recycled materials and have a distinctive, handmade finish.

Product dimensions:

Diameter Saucer: 57,00 cm

Diameter: 28 / 24 / 20 cm

Height: 25 / 21 / 17,5 cm

Liters: 3,85 / 6,50 / 10,50

About Ecopots

Ecopots is an exciting brand in flower pots, plant pots and planters for both indoor and outdoor use. It combines design with innovation and usability with sustainability and is the go-to brand for people who are looking for timeless design in pots for home, garden or balcony.
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