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DESIGN: How to incorporate curves into your home

Johanna Marlene in the Ecopots blog about how to declutter your home

Curves being used in architecture and interior design is not a new phenomenon, but one that has been warmly embraced by designers and interior enthusiasts alike this year. British designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard predicted the rise of “more gracious and sensual shapes, curved edges and deep, luxuriant seats” in our interiors in 2022.

"A curved form is subconsciously read as safe, friendly and welcoming"

Curves unify spaces, creating flow, symmetry, and balance; there is beauty in their simplicity. Choosing a curved line or shape rather than a straight one can add an interesting dynamic to a space, whilst staying true to a minimalist and timeless style.

In your own home, it may be completely unfeasible to incorporate curves into the structure, in the form of archways or sweeping architecture. However, there are many simple ways to bring the benefits of the curvature trend into your space. If you are currently in the process of rethinking or refreshing your interior, embrace those curves baby!

Soften your sleeping space

Curved lines in the boudoir add a comforting vibe. This could be in the form of a semi-circular headboard peeping up above a sinking stack of pillows, or soft rounded edges on retro furniture. Large globular lightbulbs and bubble boucle armchairs are also welcome. Painted headboards or wall stickers are also a popular method of bringing curvature into a room and can be done at a relatively low cost.

Boost your bathroom

Historically, harsh lines have generally been shunned in the bathroom, with bathtubs and basins naturally lending themselves well to curves anyway. Contemporary stand-alone pieces, like this countertop wash basin, allow uninterrupted circular shapes. Add an asymmetrical smooth-edged mirror or large rounded plant pots if you’re unable to make structural changes.

Liven up the Living room

Curves in the living room can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like – from incorporating futuristic banana-shaped sofas to featuring tiny nods to the trend in the form of decorative shells or minimalist paintings. Shaping your seating around a rounded coffee table enhances the social potential of a room and gives the space a focal point.

Curves in la cuisine

Making a kitchen appear warm and comforting can be a little tricky due to the lack of soft furnishings, and the need for sterile easy-to-wipe-clean surfaces. However, flowing lines can easily be made present in standalone islands complete with cute stalls, delicate pendant lights or retro statement fridges. Adding small touches such as wonky wooden chopping boards and contemporary fruit bowls will also bring charm and comfort.

So, there you have it – some simple ideas to add more curves into your interior. Don’t forget to check out our collection for plenty of rounded pots that will compliment your space…




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Emily Adamson
Emily Adamson
Sep 22, 2023

Of course, adding curves and organic shapes to your interior can give it uniqueness and style.

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