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DESIGN: 8 Awe-inspiring Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

Has your Insta feed been looking a little dull recently? Crying out for some fresh interior inspiration? Doing up your home and looking for ideas?

Johanna Marlene in the Ecopots blog about how to declutter your home

At Ecopots, we adhere to Scandinavian design philosophy, the notion of creating a calm and clutter-free home with clean and simple lines, minimalism and the use of natural colours and materials. And as a brand, we are big fans of design in its many forms.

We’ve crafted an eclectic list of must-follow Interior designers and studios - from high-flyers kitting out celebrity pads to the up-and-coming just establishing themselves in the design world. We’ve cherry picked the best of the best – get well and truly inspired!

1. Maison Trouvaille

The awe-inspiring Studio Maison Trouvaille was founded by Mexican-born, LA-raised Erick Garcia; his global sense of design in part inspired by his heritage, extensive travels and deep connection to different cultures and fashion. He creates bespoke picture-perfect settings enhance whilst still paying homage each client's personal tastes.

2. Nune

Studio Nune are next. Partners Sheena Murphy and Tor Sauder are advocates of aesthetic, soft and warm neutral tones, able to connect different elements to craft an overall cohesive feel. The pair are also keen to keep things eco; investigating how spaces can be designed in a more responsible way, from using recycled and non-toxic wall insulation, to utilising independent stores and vintage dealers.

3. Child Studio

Moving away from the residential and diving into the realms of commercial interiors, Alexy Kos and Che Huang of Child Studio design interiors of pure magic. Their picturesque spaces, delightfully garnished with eclectic art pieces and furnishings, have been described as nostalgic and cinematic – with the power to transport you to another space and time entirely.

4. Jake Arnold

The second of our LA-based designers is the brilliant Jake Arnold. Known for his use of dramatic deep colours, bold dark woods and accentuating original structures such as beams and stonework, Arnold has made a name for himself amongst high-profile clients in his home city - designing the homes of the rich and famous.

5. Vers Interieur

Belgian designer duo Ruben Vercaigne and Sofie Verlinde create super fresh interiors, just as their name suggests. Cool light monochrome spaces, with pops and accents of colour and different textures make their designs both memorable and beautiful. A focus on the use of sustainable materials and durable timeless shapes make these guys a firm favourite in our books.

6. Numinow

Referring to the latin numen meaning something mysterious yet awe-inspiring, or the palpable spiritual quality of something; the interiors of Amsterdam-based studio Numinow will certainly pique your interest and leave you wanting more. If clean simple lines and minimalist peaceful spaces are your vibe, give them a follow.

7. Angus Reid Projects

Stripped down and beautifully precise, Angus Reid certainly knows how to create an inviting space. Having started out in real estate and later migrated into interior design, Reid’s London projects straddle the line between contemporary and vintage; think antique busts and period artwork alongside Scandi-esque low understated furniture.

8. Minimat

Last but certainly not least is artist Minimat Shodeinde – a true pioneering force in the luxury design world, she seamlessly blends her understanding and penchant for art into timeless and immersive architectural design. Diverse influences shape her universally revered impressive sculptural design pieces; artistic vision and talent like hers is rare. Take a look at her international projects – a pure visual feast.


Wow what a list! Follow these incredible 8 to your heart’s content, for a constant stream of interior magic on your Insta feed.



Minimat Shodeinde is my favorite artist. twin flame butterflies in stomach


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